About Company

Founded in 2018, Balkans Power Core is a vertically integrated company, covering any energy installation such as residential low voltage, signaling and control, medium and high voltage installation, and telecom installation as well.

Multi-technology experts. Balkans Power Core, as the name transmits, wants to become the core of full range EPC services from the design and engineering to commissioning. Our worldwide coverage and best-in-class teams ensure high-quality services.

Power & Utilities

We provide complete contracting and installation services for power plants and overhead line projects, on a turn-key basis, using diverse types of equipment and flexible, innovative technology concepts.


We and our partners project expertise include wireline and wireless systems, critical facilities, and public telecom networks or facilities. Services range from radio frequency (RF) engineering to site commissioning.


We want to make it easy for clients to make the move to solar, wind or any renewable energy system, and our EPC team manages the entire implementation process. We can take over the leading process for energy and telecom specialties, becoming a general contractor.

Marine & Submarine

Whatever the challenge, we bring together with our partners, marine and submarine solutions for topside, subsea and lakes, ships and shipyards, that are practical, efficient, and competitive.

Railway & Rolling Stock

We have the capacity to perform high value-added installation works for any type of railway or rolling stock projects. Whatever is for high speed or freight trains, in the mountains or near the sea, we can get the team ready for any challenge.

Residential & Industrial

To meet client’s need and high expectation, our team has extensive knowledge of tried and tested solutions to manage even high-complexity residential and industrial projects. From projects of luxury apartments and restaurants to complex factories and Silos, we have done them all.

What makes us different

Our core purpose is to be the business leaders through technical distinction and excellence in delivery and services. The company’s culture drivers define us and guide our interactions both internally and externally.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to provide our customers with the best experience through spotless execution. This allows us to become a preferred partner in our field, achieving real differentiation and a sustainable future.

Action Is Our Primary Instinct

Action Is Our Primary Instinct

Our passion for our mission gives us courage to get out of the comfort zone to deliver even in the most unexpected of scenarios. We see failure as a learning opportunity for the future, but failure is not part of our portfolio as we are determined to successfully finish what you have started.

Stronger United

Stronger United

The positive spirit we collaborate with each other, is the pillar to honest, and makes a and the cohesive team with meaningful relationships. We choose to invest in each other because we win or lose as a team, but we can only afford to win.

Why Choose us


We offer products that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our products stand out because quality becomes first and is the key for us.


We work with integrity in everything we do, and stick to our principles when working with customers, suppliers, and co-workers.


No goal can be reached without a good strategy! We define a suitable course of action to constantly examine and meet our objectives.


Safety is viewed as a value not a priority. We are unbending in our commitment to the safety and health of our employees, contractors, and customers.


Inclusion and collaboration are two major values contributing to a solid community. Teamwork is crucial in our success.


Acting sustainably is central to our quality commitment policy. The idea behind our solutions is improved power quality and energy efficiency.

Come with an idea or a need and we will create for you the design and engineering necessary for your project to become reality. Electrical, mechanical, or other specialty can be covered by us or our partners, either you want DC or AC engineering, storage scaling, grid integration and interconnection and many other solutions. So, you only have to ask, supervise, and approve the solution you like.
We do procurement for all types of projects in crossed industries of several market sectors. Why not to release the pressure and risks related to supply chains and let us take it and get the job done? We are going to: makes cost analysis, choose subcontractors and suppliers, get insurances and guarantee, manage logistics and others, so overall not small job.
Construction and commissioning will be activities that involves various tasks, planning, coordination, supervision and expertise on risk management, quality control and project management. By letting all these to one single point of contact, you decrease the risks, reduce the time of negotiation and supervision, and get less costs, so you may focus on your next project.
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The key advantages of contracting our services:

  • We hold full responsibility from design to construction and commissioning.
  • Procurement by established supplier prequalification process and performance guarantee.
  • You have fixed delivery commitment; the technical team ensures the quality and timely execution of their work.
  • The project is guaranteed and turn-key delivery brings less headaches to the beneficiary, having in Us one single point of contact and risk management.